The Song of Amergin: Unraveling it’s Mystery and Nature of the Cosmos

“I am Wind on Sea,
I am Ocean-wave,
I am Roar of Sea,
I am Bull of seven Fights,
I am Vulture on Cliff,
I am Dewdrop,
I am Fairest of Flowers,
I am Boar for Boldness,
I am salmon in Pool,
I am Lake on Plain…
I am Word of Skill,
I am the Point of a Weapon (that poureth forth combats), I am God who fashioned Fire for a Head.
Who smootheth the ruggedness of a mountain? Who is He who announceth the ages of the Moon? And who, the place where falleth the Sunset?
Who calleth the cattle from the House of Tethra?
On whom do the cattle of Tethra smile?
Who is the troop, who the god who fashioneth edges…? Enchantments about a Spear? Enchantments of Wind?”


Amergin was able to “become” one with his Cosmos and by this act of “becoming” he was able to summon the Power of Making as well…

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