The Vedas and Other Indo-European Cross Cultural Connections

I recently purchased and read _The Rig Veda_ by Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty to investigate other Indo-European ways. Her _Laws of Manu_ is also an excellent reference. What I read in both books reminds me of the ancient Celtic tales and Laws. Each society is different, as it should be, but there are also many similarities. These similarities were noted by Myles Dillon in his work, Celts and Aryans. The Vedas and Celtic ways (especially among the Irish) share a wealth of common practices. Theses two societies on the eastern and western fringes of the Indo-European periphery demonstrate in their similarities a common ancient heritage. They also maintained a conservative oral tradition through the cultural intelligentsia and priesthoods (the Brahmins and Druids respectively). That is why I am studying the Vedic texts (as well as others), which brings me to my point…

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