I Wonder…

I wonder if the sea ever
Says to the shore
I’m not sure
If I’ll be back
And with a love
Like that brings
Gifts of seashells
In it’s absence
Says listen When you miss me
Know I am close
And although my ocean
Heart is vast and deep
I am a calm tide of right here
Flowing through you
Like electric rivers
Caught up in currents
Of compassion
We’re all just temporary
Carefully Crafting sandcastles
Of our souls
Just to be washed away
By the waters of redemption
But my heart is a message
In a bottle waiting to be
A sign of hope
In troubled waters
A prayer for peace
During stormy seas
I believe our time is borrowed
Millions of grains of sand
Trickling through the hourglass
And I know this is just how it was Meant to be
A cosmic collision of moments
All leading up to this one
Pure and blissful
Like the first time
You smell autumns aroma
In the air
And so things are changing
How ever would you know
You were growing if it wasn’t
For first being baptized in your every struggle
Only to find the darkest parts of life
Are the times we spend with our eyes closed
Maybe we only have
This chance
As if this chance to be alive
Was fleeting
Like the way the ocean
Kisses the shore line
Washes away its troubles
And leaves it blanketed new Each moment
Forgiveness isn’t a pardon
It’s an opportunity to start over
We aren’t as broken as we
Say we are
It’s just
We’ve gotten used
To filling up our holes
With shadows
Instead of stardust
To afraid to leak the light
Of heaven on earth
So shine on
The way the north
Star takes
You right back to the ocean
And allow the tide to
Kiss your feet hello
And goodbye just one more time
And to think a love like that leaves
A gift of its presence
Long after its gone
So we’ll put our ears
To sea shells
And listen to the sound
Of the sea
And ever

To infinity

And beyond

Thank you

Michael Ciavatta, Forest Heart Poetry is a visionary poet and writer who draws inspiration from nature, mystic wisdom traditions, and his intuition. You can find him on Instagram at @forest_heart_poetry.

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