The Circles of Being

Cover art ‘The Druids: Bringing in the Mistletoe’ by George Henry (1858–1943) and Edward Atkinson Hornel (1864–1933)

Within the inner recesses of the passage mound at Knowth, there is a stone basin that is decorated with circular markings. I have included a line drawing of its design below. No one is certain what ritual use this basin had but to me it is suggestive of a person in symbolic form. That is why I have used its design as a basis for a diagram of the self and its many parts or dúile. This diagram of the self is used to show the relationships of the dúile and the three cauldrons. It is also my opinion that each cauldron has its own correspondence with one of the three worlds of Land, Sea and Sky. To better understand the relationships of worlds, cauldrons and dúile, I have provided three additional diagrams that highlight the appropriate parts and circles, their elements, and the cauldrons with which each is best associated…

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