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Dreaming with Mugwort

“On this eve, too, was gathered the Bollan-Feaill-Eoin “John’s Feast-day wort ” (mugwort), which was made into wreaths to be worn on the heads of man and beast to protect them from witchcraft.”

A.W. Moore, The Folklore of the Isle of Man 1891

Mugwort is an ancient plant ally which has been held sacred in Éire and surrounding Isles for thousands of years – aswell as many other places worldwide.
Known as ”Liath Lus” or ”Mongach Meisce” as Gaeilge, or Artemisia Vulgaris in Latin.
This Plant is a one with a very strong, yet subtle, mystical energy. It opens a liminal space where the veil is thin between the world’s. If you are a Dreamer, Visionary (like me) then this Plant and you will probably feel at One…
Physical Attributes: Liver & Digestive Aid, Mugwort stimulates production of bile in the liver, thus assisting digestion/nutrition assimilation.
Mugwort can also assist with intestinal issues, parasites, worms, etc.
Menstruation: Mugwort helps bring down the blood, clearing stagnancy, moving energy both physically and energetically in the womb space.
Mugwort is a physically cleansing, and strengthening herb. It’s diuretic nature (stimulating urine) assists the body in eliminating toxins.
It is very nutritious, including a variety of flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
An herb of the divine feminine, it’s other name is Cronewort. Mugwort holds space like a grandmother would, offering council and guidance, and helping us connect with our intuition and whispers of the soul. Many are craving the wisdom and support of Elders and Wise Ones to share their stories & hold us through our transitions in life. I believe Mugwort is one of those Elders in Plant-form, who is here to guide & hold us through our thresholds of transformation.
Their connection with the feminine is not just spiritual – it can be seen in it’s physical influence on menstruation and the female reproductive system.
Mugwort stimulates the uterus, bringing down the blood (so should never be used in pregnancy) can alleviate menstrual cramps and also help balance/bring regularity to the menstrual cycle. Mugwort connects us to our Ancestry, and can help heal our bloodline, especially maternal. This is a theme that arises in almost every journey I host, and I’ve witnessed it in my own experience too. As Mugwort is deeply connected with the womb, and menstruation, it can help us access the memories held in our wombs, to heal the maternal bloodline of those who have come before us. When we heal ourselves, we heal all the Ancestors before us, especially those who may not have had the blessing of this kind of work themselves.
An herb of the Dreamer– Mugwort is probably most known for its magical lucid dreaming qualities. It enhances the dreamscape, opening connection with our higher selves and bringing forth messages from the Otherworld. Mugwort enhances our Dream-life, psychic awareness and Intuition. It can facilitate astral travel, lucid dreaming, and with dream-recall. The space of Dreaming is really important. It allows us to process information/emotions from waking life, and to digest/assimilate our experiences. Mugwort allows us to attune to the Dream world in a conscious way that can open doorways to our subconscious & bring a lot of healing.
This can also happen in waking life, as Mugwort helps to attune us with the “dream of the soul”, which can reveal parts of ourselves that wish to be seen or looked at. Mugwort is a Plant of ultimate Rememberance. In this place of Rememberance, we can tap into who we TRULY are, and Remember WHY we have come Here. Tapping into the subconscious, She enables us to hear and feel the whispers of the heart. She holds space for us to connect with ourselves in a deeply intimate way.
Mugwort is a profound emotional healer. Associated with the Moon, and often found growing by the Waters. Mugwort helps tap into the subconscious and emotional body, so that we can feel & release any stuck emotions that are blocking us. Grandmother Liath Lus opens and holds a space for us to get to know our emotions, in a safe and held way. Her ability to highlight patterns that exist within our relationships is outstanding. She will often bring up unresolved issues, fears and traumas related to relationships to be gently witnessed & released. Her correlation with the planet Venus also suggests this influence on relationships.
Being one of the most Sacred Herbs of na Druí, Mugwort is an Ancient Mystical Ally. It is highly magical & often used to open sacred space. I use it to cleanse & protect a space before, during and after ceremony. It can also be rubbed upon magical items to enhance their power /to consecrate them to an intention.
If we look at plants from both a physical and energetic perspective we can understand that for every physical benefit a plant offers there is too an energetic counterpart.
A digestive aid on a physical level, Mugwort also helps us to break down our experiences in life and process emotions aswell as physical experiences that may have happened in the past.
The action of it being anti-parasitic on an energetic level helps us to clear unwanted energies or highlight where our energy is being ”leaked” so that we can create greater boundaries in our lives.
Mugwort is an Elder & Master Plant of these times. A go to for me – it is a powerful ally which is of great service at a time where many potent medicines are on offer (psychedelics, Ayahuasca, mushrooms etc) which may not always be suited to all kinds of people – so with great heart I carry this medicine to share with those wishing to connect deeper to plant medicine in a milder(yet still quite strong in its own right) way.

Have you connected with Mugwort, and if so, what is your experience of it?

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