Brigid, Druidess of the Oak

Cover art by James Wappel

Brigid, Druidess of the Oak

Shrouded in verdant cloak.

You steal by my door,

With your lantern flame Awakening Spring

I welcome you, and the protection

That you bring

No mask required within Tar agus failte.

No earth, turf, nor sod will hide me,

No fire, sun, nor moon scorch me,

No water, lake, nor sea swamp me,

No air, wind, nor mist ail me,

No fairy Sidhe dare enchant me.

And thus you shield me

You have taken the key

From the Cailleach Beara

And sent her back to winter.

I am but an aging ‘covided’ crone.

With maiden-ness beyond my grasp

Lurking in the 5km margins

Where there be dragons,

but Nature turns to birth,

and I will dance again with the high king.

And feel the sun on my speckled skin.

Tar agus failte.

Written by Mawie Barrett

4 responses to “Brigid, Druidess of the Oak”

  1. Gorgeous piece! I feel so honoured to have been born on February 1st, the celebration of Imbolc and the arrival of Spring.
    These words are meaningful on many levels. 🌱

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